What We Do

Develop high quality cross-platform applications for children between 0 and 100 years. Build a collaborative hub for meaningful communication, education and art.

Our Philosophy
We are parents, and our mission is, like gardeners, to help the child grow their own balanced personality. We believe that full development is possible only in an atmosphere of warmth and trust, and all the significant successes and achievements are a natural result of this secure and loving environment.

Learning Techniques
Our apps are inspired by the proven learning methods of Professor Makoto Shichida, Maria Montessori, Dr. Gordon Neufeld and other great teachers. We focus on the development of imagination and intuition, and maintaining a balance between logic and the ability to think outside the box.

Innovative content
By incorporating new technology and approaches to learning with our innovative content, graphics, and animations, we are able to convert them into a stimulating and engaging learning experience.

Special Atmosphere
Our apps are delivered in an environment of creative freedom and love. Our creations are ultimately our own responsibility. We try to share this mood with our grown up and little readers and players.

Simple Navigation
Our applications are exceptionally user friendly. Our quality assurance team is our kids who do not let us relax.

Our Super Team

Our international team is working together to find new ways to thrive.

"Moona" is a family-run company. Our own children are not only critics but also assistants in the creation of our applications and authors of some articles in our online magazine.
Our virtual office allows us to be near our children and work simultaneously. We're the lucky parents of 4 boys, have more than 15 years experience in art, web technologies and book publishing. During Moona’s first 2 years, when our first app was published, we were looking for highly qualified professionals who were ready to work with us in our virtual office. The work of a freelancer requires organization and responsibility. Now we are more than happy to say that we found those we were looking for.”

Maria and Stas Stavinski, co-founders Moona group

The map of our team.

Maria and Stas Stavinski, Moldova-Russia-Indonesia
Olha Rykhliuk, programmer, Ukraine
Max Mihailenko, programmer, Indonesia
Clementine, editor and Moona journal author, France
Helen, scientific consultant, Russia
Antonina, illustrator, Ukraine
Ilia, illustrator, Russia
Natalie, illustrator, Russia
Slava, animator, Belarus
Egor, animator, Thailand
Kevin, composer, Australia
Remon, composer, Holland
Vlad, educator and Moona journal author, Australia

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