Ginkgo: A Day in the Time of Dinosaurs

New educational format! The app about dinosaurs, and flying and marine reptiles, is created in collaboration with paleontologists. The app consists of two major parts: an educational game-adventure, and an interactive scientific encyclopedia. It is interesting for dinosaurs’ lovers of all ages, including parents, teachers and educators!

Educational Game-Adventure

Tap on Gingko and fly through the ancient forest in the company of our cute fantasy character! We gave him such an interesting name in honor of one of the oldest trees on the planet. Baby Ginkgo can travel through time, he is curious and always ready for adventure.

Help Ginkgo catch the twinkling stars to uncover fun animations and listen to short stories about dinos and other reptiles. Ginkgo introduces us to creatures that lived more than 70 million years ago! We have choosen a wide range of interesting, sometimes little-known animals, that lived during the Cretaceous period. We show them to your child in a fun way, through interactive features.

Children will be able to draw conclusions, just like real scientists: Can Nyam, the Velociraptor, jump on trees? What is Vera, the Oviraptor, hiding? Does Bataar, the giant Tarbosaurus, have a good eyesight? And does Donna, the Troodon, eat insects? They will find answers to these questions and many other on their own as they play the game.

As well as being educational, Gingko’s journey is full of jokes and funny situations, as there must always be a place for imagination and fun in children's apps! See the funny dance of the smallest dinosaurs in the world, Shuvuui desserti. Use the giant sauropod Rapetosaurus’ tail as a playground slide. Be sure to discover all the secrets and surprises!


The encyclopedia describes each ancient reptile encountered in the adventure part of the app. All articles are written by paleontologists. We thank them for the thoroughness of their work and their dedication. They worked non-stop on the text for the app even during fieldwork, sitting in a tent next to an excavation!

Our encyclopedia about dinosaurs, and flying and marine reptiles, is an interactive book which you can not only read, but also use for learning and playing! If your child is too young to read or listen to the child-friendly scientific text, she (or he) find so much to do! Even a four year old will enjoy unearthing skeletons, completing puzzles, or comparing dinosaurs with modern animals.

The encyclopedia was written on the basis of reliable scientific evidence - though we should not forget that every year paleontologists discover new answers to questions about life on earth in prehistoric times, and evolution. And their work raises new questions, because it is fascinating to explore a world that existed many, many millions of years ago!

In our scientific mini-encyclopaedia, you will learn:

  • Where in the world each species was first discovered.
  • The story of each discovery. The app introduces the child to fascinating details about the discovery of dinosaurs, which sometimes resemble real detective investigations. As they read or listen to these stories, the child can take part in excavations just like a scientist.
  • What each animal’s skeleton looks like. In addition to discovering the history of discoveries, the child can complete puzzles of dinosaur skeletons. They're based on authentic reconstructions of the skeletons that have been found.
  • The size of the animals. These are not just abstract, meaningless numbers: the child will be able to visually estimate the size of dinos and reptiles, comparing them with chicks, blue whales, vehicles and even knights.
  • Important and interesting behavioral characteristics. Why did paleontologists need to know Tarbosaurus’ brain size? Why did Oviraptor need feathers? Did mom Rapetosaurus care about baby Rapetosaurus? What did Troodon eat? How small could a pterosaur be?

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