6 Interesting Facts on Chinese Warriors For Kids

Why were Chinese warriors some of the most famous warriors in the world?

The Chinese nation is one of the oldest in the world. The Chinese have fought wars since the dawn of their civilization. Chinese warriors battled against the enemy in order to defend their country, but also to conquer many territories - they widened the land they already possessed and founded new cities. They were famous for their special warfare skills.

 The map of China at 1000BC from The TimeMap of World History 

  The map of China at 2005AD from The TimeMap of World History 

What did their armor look like?

Chinese warriors first wore armors made from turtle shells. Later, they started to craft them from bronze and leather: They were made up of many bronze or leather plates that were laced together side by side. Most armors went down to the soldiers’ knees. Warriors used to tie a leather belt around their waist and they carried their sword on their back, tightened with a strap. For head protection, they had helmets that only showed their face, with a tassel on top.

Is it true that Chinese soldiers wore their hair long and had complicated hairstyles?

China has a long tradition of hair styling, so warriors as well as other Chinese people had long hair and styled their hair into very interesting and complicated hairstyles. Their hairstyle was the symbol of their culture, but it also clearly showed the class of every individual. For example, some soldiers styled their hair by leaving just a tuft of hair in the middle of the head, and splitting it into three parts that were then braided separately. All three braids were connected at the back and then twisted on top of the head, to the right.

What was gunpowder first used for by the Chinese?

A long time ago, as they were searching for the elixir of youth, the Chinese have accidentally discovered gunpowder and therefore started to create the first firecrackers: They filled bamboo sticks with flammable materials, and then put the sticks infire in order to produce loud bangs. The Chinese first used these fire sticks to expel evil spirits and to make fireworks that were used during festive events. Later, the gunpowder was used to make special firecrackers that were used in the battle.

An antique framed original Chinese watercolour with two young boys letting off fireworks dating from around 1900. 

What did Chinese war chariots look like?

War chariots were very important weapons in the war. They were used in attacks and in chases on the large open spaces that existed in ancient China. Chariots had two wheels and were drawn by two or four horses. The main pedestal of the chariot was one meter long and three-quarters of a meter wide, and the rear was opened so soldiers could enter. Wheels were wooden and each one had a long wooden shaft that connected it to the car and horses. In the car, in addition to the driver there usually were archers, and sometimes a soldier with a long dagger.

What weapons did they use?

Chinese soldiers used different kinds of weapons, such as a "Gong", a Chinese bow with a long history because archers have always been an important part of the Chinese army. Long spears with a steel tip also were important weapons: They were used to fight at a distance, or to throw at enemies. Double-edged swords were considered the "kings" of all weapons in ancient China and they were usually used by members of the educated upper classes. In addition to these weapons, the Chinese also used single-edged swords, semi-automatic crossbows and axes.

Konstantin Vlahos, the historical consultant, specially for Moona

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