Moona Veggies: Toddler Kids Learning Puzzle Games

“Moona Puzzles Veggie” is an educational game for children between 2 and 6 years old which will help them learn more than 50 new words about the themes of veggies, gardening and botanics. The app was designed in collaboration with professionals of early development.

Our app 'Moona Veggies' includes 5 types of funny games, which succeed one another in a specific order so as to help kids learn all the names of vegetables, their spelling, as well as develop memory, attention skills and logic. We call this method, which consists in offering the child a series of short tasks,‘Gold key’. It was developed with a psychologist to help your child learn to work on a task until completion and develop positive attitudes to learning through funny games.

Vegetable map Moona

Moona Match and Learn Veggie Puzzles

Traditional and already loved by children, they are “match and learn” puzzles with veggies in the form of 3-stripe animated puzzles. Completing puzzles by scrolling stripes, your child will develop logical thinking.

Moona Match and Learn Veggie Puzzles

When your child completes a puzzle, he can feed a little worm.

Letter race

This type of game appears after your kid has collected a veggie card. Hurry up! Drive your rocket through letter bubbles to complete words!

letter race Moona Veggies

Bio Puzzles

Unlike jigsaw puzzles’, every piece in the bio puzzles is named, so preschool children and toddlers will build vocabulary while playing. Your kiddo will learn around 40 new words to describe parts of plants, flowers and gardening tools. When your child finishes a bio-puzzle, he will be rewarded with a variety of engaging mini-games.

Veggie Train

The aim of this funny puzzle game is to find matches. A cheerful worm drives a train with small wagons. “Choo choo”, whistles the train. The kid should pick the veggie and add them to the right wagon - the ones with an image of the corresponding veggie outline on the label. This game develops logical thinking and matching abilities, as well as memory.

Where is the veggie?

This card game is aimed at the development of memory and attention.

Moona Puzzles supports learning in many languages, including English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. It is well suited to bilingual parents looking for tools to help kids reinforce a second language.

Green Van

Hooray! Now the app includes a real kiosk to make smoothies, the "Green Van". Kids can make more than 3003 kinds of green smoothie! Hope your children will love veggies as we like them:=)
As soon as your kiddo earns a new vegetable card on the veggie map, he or she will unlock a new kind of smoothy in the "Green Van". Animals arrive on a small train specifically to try smoothies, treat them to a tasty drink! Will you make this smoothie be made from carrots or cucumbers? From bell peppers or daikon? You can even make onion smoothie. Play as long as you wish but do not forget to make some progress on the map so you can offer your guests new tastes! 

Our app was created in collaboration with preschool teachers and psychologists. It takes into account the important features of the development of memory at an early age when memory is involuntary: the kid remembers only things that were very interesting and emotionally charged. That is why our game levels are bright, catchy and short enough: they will not tire a two-year-old toddler, but will still be useful and interesting to a five-year old child. If your kid is very young (2 or 3) and seems interested in the game, we highly recommend to play together with him or her: at this early age particularly, the child develops more harmoniously with the participation of a loving parent or caregiver.

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