3 simple and fun ideas for Easter activities with your kids

It's getting close to Easter. We like to use holidays as opportunities to connect with our kids through creativity and starting family traditions. Usually we bake delicious treats, paint eggs and, of course, decorate the house. We would like to share with your families a few simple and funny Easter activities. Click on through the links of the websites we used for inspiration for full tutorials and free printables!

Easter Activities #1

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Children of different ages have different approaches to coloring. Any scribble can be turned into a fantastic animal or a unique ornament.

This year we decided to make a garland of paper eggs. Our kids are homeschooling this term. The last couple of weeks we studied the art of Aboriginal Australians, native Americans and ancient African peoples. We tried to understand the meaning of some of the ancient symbols. We also watched some Miyazaki cartoons (maybe for the 58th or 59th time...).

We used wooden clothespins, so that when the parts are glued together, they do not break up.

 Use a silk ribbon to make a garland. Choose joyful, spring colors and discuss your choice with children. It's a great way to develop fine motor skills 

These acttivities were reflected in the design of the eggs. Our four sons painted 20 completely different Easter eggs!

Easter Activities #2

Our eldest kids built amazing LEGO machine , which can be assembled with the help of Lego Mindstorm parts. They were so impressed that they colored all the eggs in the house with the felt-tip pens. Thanks, Sarah from for the idea! The next step for us is to make a more serious EV3 Egg Decorator 

Easter Activities #3

We didn't have yellow paper, but we really wanted to make a cockerel. We simply painted a sheet of watercolor paper with yellow paint.

Making the body and legs for Jeremy the cockerel. Even a three year old child can easily fold two paper strips to make nice legs.

Jeremy, our three-year-old son, decided to make a rooster. He was enthusiastic to color the watercolor paper yellow and fold red paper to make the legs. He called the rooster Jeremy and asked him where he hides the chocolate eggs. Looks like we need to make a hen to answer this question =).

Be happy and have fun playing with your kids!

Maria Stavinski, co-founder of Moona Team 

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