Peekaboo Moona: Fun First Games by Babies & Toddlers

Peekaboo Moona introduces your babies and toddlers to fruits, veggies, farm animals, people of different professions and brave heroes in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese. The app uses the game of peek-a-boo to help kids to learn a dozen new words.

The app is easy to use for little ones. Kids just have to tap on the screen with their fingers or clap the screen with their palm. Each time the kid taps the screen, they will see and hear something new. 

You can also use our cards as a support for communication between you and your children by inventing your own stories; and as the first step to help them learn new languages.

We are proud to teach kids new things through high-quality images and content. You will never find advertising in our apps. We have in-app purchases because we want you to try out the different themes before deciding if you want to unlock them.

Fruit Theme.

There are 16 fruits. The kid will remember what the fruit looks like from the outside and the inside. We used our own professional illustrations. We show the fruits on their trees and in the garden, so that the child will understand how each fruit grows. The little worm who eats fruits will make the kids laugh as soon as they see it.

Please, click on the arrows in the upper right corner of the photos to see the slideshow.

Vegetables Theme.

There are 14 veggies. The kid will remember what the veggie looks like from the outside and the inside. Our professional illustrations are very colorful and beautiful. We show vegetables growing in soil, so that the child will understand how each veggie grows.

Farm Animals Theme.

Babies and toddlers will love tapping the tractor, behind which the new character is hidden. Work with your child to learn the names of animals, hear the sounds they make and see animals in action!


There are 14 animated cards with 14 people of different professions. The child will like to watch as the ballerina dances, the fireman extinguishes a fire, the veterinarian treats animals and much more.

Heroes Theme.

14 animated cards with 14 heroes (Knight, Chinese warrior, Pirate, Samurai, Native American, Cowboy, Spartan, Viking, Sikh warrior, Amazon, Grenadier, Masai). We studied how each warrior looked like and drew our own historically accurate vision. 14 original soundtracks from our talented composer create an atmosphere for each character. The music and beautiful images will develop visual and hearing perception. And our warriors dance funny dances!

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