What happens if you leave 4 boys with Pyssla beads for 2 hours. Happy Mother’s Day!

Everyone who has young children knows the feeling of not having a single corner of the house that isn't covered in scraps of paper, plasticine, playdough, lego bricks, beads, pencils, etc.

After the day our children sprinkled a thin layer of Ikea PYSSLA beads all around the dining room, we hid them very very far. Before Mother’s Day, exactly one year later, we got the box of Pyssla beads out, put it on the table and offered it to them. That’s what happens if you leave 4 small boys with this box.

I hope that you will be inspired by our ideas and create your own postcards for moms in the style of a therm mosaic. We sincerely believe that it is necessary to give signs of attention and surprises without any reason. But on Mother’s Day, any mother will be pleased to receive a gift made by her own kids. Please ask your kids to write about their feelings for their mom on postcards, remember the happy day that you spent together and write a few lines about it. If your kid is still too young to write, write for him with his words. I’m sure that any mother will be happy to receive such a gift on Mother’s Day and will keep it in a special place.

Please, click on the arrows in the upper right corner of the photos to see the slideshow.

 Please remember that ALL small items can be potential choking hazards for babies and toddlers! And remember children can still sprinkle a thin layer of Pyssla beads all around the house if left unattended =)

Check this article from Layra Linn with her recommendations on which beads are better to use.

Maria Stavinski, co-founder of Moona Team

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