The new app for babies and toddlers, or how to make our niece Veronica happy :)

In a few weeks, on May 28th actually, we plan to release 'Peek-A-Boo Moona', our newest app for the youngest iPad users. Yes, yes! =) We are convinced that between one and two years old, there is nothing better than interacting with a beloved adult or sibling. And we are sure that our application will create a new field for communication.

Do you know how we got the idea to make this app? We have a cute niece. We love her so much! Veronica recently turned two. Her mom, who is an teacher specialized in children's early development, asked me to create an app that would be as easy to use as possible. She wanted to use it in her daily teaching practice with Veronica and with her class. We were asked to make an app for teaching new words, with funny animations, which would have to be beautiful and bright.

We loved the idea. The format of the Peeka-Boo games suggested itself to us. Our Peek-a-Boo Moona includes five themes: fruits, vegetables, professions, farm animals, and a rather unusual topic for toddlers' apps, HEROES!. How could we pass this subject with four sons under one roof :).


The app is easy to use for little ones. They just have to tap on the screen with their fingers or clap the screen with their palm. Each time the kid taps the screen, they will see and hear something new. We hope you babies and toddlers will like the app as much as our Veronica (the cutest tester ever!), did.


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