New update for our Moona Fruits app and 14 Health Benefits of Avocado, Proven by Science

As you remember, we completely updated the Fruit app a few months ago. There is one fruit among the many presented in the app which finds its way onto our table every single day. It's not a joke, we really do eat them every day, even the children =). It's hard to explain why avocados over other fruits. Perhaps our bodies are aware how valuable they are! Recently, we have read a very useful article on this topic and we wanted to share it with you.

The average avocado is nutrient dense, delicious, and will clock in at about 140 calories. With this comes 14 grams of fat - roughly 70 percent of the calorie content. In these calories are an incredible balance of nearly twenty vitamins and minerals. Infused alongside these nutrients are many antioxidants - and the fat content of avocado is monounsaturated, meaning that it helps your body balance its intake of other fats.

Avocados can help your body with a wide range of ailments. Aside from being able to clear up vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can cause a host of problems on their own, avocados can help prevent aging from oxidation (helping you live longer and be more active), improve immune function, manage your blood fat content, eliminate cholesterol, improve digestion, and more.

Avocados have been the subject of intense study and research. Their speculated benefits have helped people for centuries. Science has recently been able to find truth to the legacy behind the avocado’s medical usage in history. Mexico, Chile, and other Central and South American cultures have used the fruit in medicinal preparations and health remedies for many years.


1. Avocado is a very good source of lots of vitamins

Avocado is an excellent source of quite a few key nutrients that are important for your body’s function. Some of the nutrients in avocado, like vitamin K and copper, can be quite tricky to obtain since they are uncommon. Here’s a list of the vitamins and minerals in avocados, and a quick summary of why they’re good for you.

2. Avocados beat bananas in terms of potassium content

This means that they provide a better benefit than the most commonly cited fruit for those deficient in potassium. A serving of avocado will provide 21% of your D.R.I. for potassium, whereas bananas only provide 15%. This means that avocados are more effective at helping the body manage its electrical gradients in its cells for effective transportation of sodium. A diet with sufficient potassium also help reduce blood pressure, which is notorious for causing diseases of the heart and kidney. Conclusion: Bananas, move over - avocados are higher in potassium than their bright-coloured rivals. High potassium foods fight blood sugar spikes and diabetes, while also helping the body transport nutrients more effectively.

3. Avocado helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Avocados contain a particular phytonutrient known as beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol is a plant-based nutrient that functions in a similar way to HDL cholesterol - the good kind. HDL (high density lipoprotein) is what our body uses to scrape away excess LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, which is highly oxidative and can lead to disease and clogged arteries. Since beta-sitosterol functions like HDL cholesterol, it can prevent the buildup of LDL cholesterol and even prevent its entry into the blood system. Beta-sitosterol is also known to help prevent prostate swelling by reducing inflammation in the area. Conclusion: Avocados contain a unique plant based nutrient that is functionally similar to cholesterol - the good kind. It helps prevent buildup of LDL - the bad kind - of cholesterol, thus preventing related diseases.

You can read the full article here . Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables every day, learn new things with your kiddos through everyday life, play, and healthy eating!

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