A Parcel of Courage - interactive picture book with an extra original set of 4 learning games

'A Parcel of Courage' is an interactive game book targeted towards children aged 3 years and up. 'A Parcel of Courage' has beautiful artwork with animations and activities on all 15 pages of the story, plus lots of games the kids can play along the way.

The real story from family life

“A Parcel of Courage” App shares with families a true success story of how parents can keep kid’s imagination alive and takes them into an interactive family adventure, while helping build important developmental skill from each in-app activity.

“This is our first app for children,” say Maria and Stas Stravinski, founders of Moona, “inspired by our own story, we created ‘A Parcel of Courage’ with our three children with the goal of getting our granny, who has a strong fear of planes, to join us at the other end of the world. It worked! We plan to share this ‘strategy’ with other families. We would like to thank all the grannies and grandpas out there for all the love, affection and care they give to this world and especially to their beloved grandkids. We hope our app will encourage families to get closer together.”

«Ideal for parents of children ages 3­-6 years who want stronger family ties and are looking to enrich children’s hearts, as well as their intellectual skills».

Read and play

Explore 15 beautifully illustrated interactive pages in the “I Listen” or “I Read” modes, and play inside these pages to help our family meet their much loved Grandma and discover a magical surprise at the end.

  • Discover maps and beginning spatial orientation skills
  • Construct a marble run using working memory of a briefly presented model
  • Sequence baking courage chocolate cookies
  • Learning how to address and send a post to granny
  • Visually scan to help grandpa clean up the backyard
  • Spatially orient objects to pack a suitcase
  • Use auditory discrimination skills to help the postman

Wishes come true!

Complete 7 tasks in I READ mode, get 7 cute fireflies and launch your own magic wish lantern in the sky! At the end of the adventure, all readers get to light their own magic sky lantern helping to send out good thoughts and wishes so that they will come true! We did it many times. It works!

«A Parcel of Courage is a very playful picture book app with many interactive activities».

Learn and play

"A Parcel of Courage" is filled with robust learning activities and unique educational games based on two proven teaching methods: Montessori method and Shichida method.

«A cute storybook app with lots of extra educational activities that will keep children entertained for hours».

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