Moona Puzzle 'Farm' - interactive puzzles for toddlers with 16 Animals of Farm.

Farm animals are a perennial favorite among young children, and feature prominently in games, learning activities and early literature. We offer one more great option for kids of studying animals with our funny Moona Puzzle ‘On the Farm’.

‘Moona Puzzles’ (by Moona Group) is a mix of Flash Cards, Puzzles, and a lot of fun. It’s a great tool to help children (and even babies) learn basic words. If you have a young toddler, ‘Moona Puzzles’ is a must-have. Using the application is simple: scroll bars to complete puzzles, collect cards, form words and play with the characters of ‘Moona Puzzles’. In a simple and fun way, your child will have mastered the alphabet. Your child will develop logical thinking and auditory perception with Moona Puzzles. And with multi-language support, our app can help you teach your kid new words in 8 different languages!

All children like flash cards. Cards with Farm Animals in the form of puzzles will help your children to learn new words and at the same time to develop logical thinking. Unlike traditional flash cards and puzzles, these ones make noise, rattle, sing, dance, roar, buzz, and sometimes champ. That's why children are laughing so loud when learning thanks to our cards. And that's why children are so quick to learn the names of all 16 Farm Animals, their lettering and their spelling! Meet our Cow, Bull, Mare, Stallion, Donkey, Goat, Ram, Sheep, Pig, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Turkey, Hen, Rooster, Duck. They are waiting to be fed and washed with a sponge and soap!

  • 16 cards puzzles with 16 Farm Animals.
  • 16 unique animations.
  • Building vocabulary has never been so much fun!
  • Large and clear words and letters.
  • Qualitative professional illustrations.
  • Realistic Images: Children learn from the pictures what things really look like.
  • Through the game, the child will master basic reading and word-building skills.
  • Suitable for the youngest users.
  • The name of each animal is pronounced by a professional narrator.
  • No stress-inducing tests and assignments: your child simply collects ‘Moona Puzzles’.

Whether you're at home, on the road, or on an airplane, Moona Puzzles lets you keep a child engaged, entertained, and learning. It's also the perfect app for Daddy and Mommy to play with baby and laugh together.

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