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The 'Mandala' Game and Developing Photographic Memory

As we mentioned earlier in the article "Right brain vs left brain," the two hemispheres of the brain never work alone. It is important to find different kinds of activities to develop baby harmoniously. Our application "A Parcel of Courage" includes games for the development of both logic and creative thinking. In this article we will talk about the surprisingly nice and simple way to develop your children's photographic memory which you can try in the ‘Mandala’ game.

The idea for the Mandala game came out of our passion for Shichida’s method for the healthy development and education of children.

What is a Mandala?

The word “mandala” comes from Sanskrit, and it means, approximately, “circle”. Indeed, they are kaleidoscip drawings in the shape of a circle filled with symmetrical patterns radiating inward or outward. Different kinds of patterns are often found in nature, for exemple on flowers, seashells, tree trunks, butterflies and even in the shape of our galaxy!


How does Professor Makoto Shichida use them?

Shichida found mandalas useful to train photographic memory and visualization skills. He created two activities to use them with young children. The first one is to show the child a colored mandala for a few seconds, have him memorize it, and then apply the colors onto a blank mandala. The second is to show him a mandala for a few seconds, and then to ask him to close his eyes and visualize it in his mind.

These activities are supposed to develop the child’s ability to remember images easily, which greatly improves her learning abilities, and will later help her develop speed reading skills. Indeed, when asked to look at an image for a short period and to remember it, most people focus on trying to remember the individual parts of the image, separately or by looking for a pattern. But when the image gets more complex, this method quickly becomes imposible to use accurately: it would take too much time to look at everything in detail. However, these activities train the child to capture the image in its globality, and teach him to remember things instantly, an ability commonly known as photographic memory.

More about the game.

This might surprise you, but we drew all 90 mandalas manually. Our amazing artist spent a long time drawing them all. We later found out there was no need to color each mandala manually =) Our illustrator was very sad to learn it. We simplified the mandalas in favor of the speed of the App. After all, in this game the most important thing is to show the colored mandalas for only a split second.

Our game consists of 3 difficulty levels. It’s suitable for kids from 3-4 yo, but you can start earlier if you see your toddler is interested. If you practice every day with our Mandala game step-by-step, you’ll see the progress within 2 weeks.

The first level_MAndala
The second level _mandla_ A parcel

We hope your child will keep interest in the Mandala game. To achieve that, after completing each level, the child will receive a small prize, which is a funny part of the Big Final Prize - the Magic Airship!

We used 25 colors to paint the outlines of our mandalas. We specifically chose unusual shades in addition to the traditional names of the colors. We will explain the choice of colors in our second article about the Mandala game.

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