Could you create Mandalas with Minecraft?

I'm not a great expert on the game ‘Minecraft’. But our older children absolutly love it. Sometimes we witness our kids’ enthusiasm when they are building in creative mode, orfighting zombies and skeletons, mining diamonds and gold, coal and iron in survival mode. And we think that one day, we should learn this fantastic game.

However, one day, I jokingly asked whether it was possible to make a Mandala in Minecraft. And that's what I got back from the children.

Psychologists unanimously assert that drawing mandalas is very useful exercise. It turned out that paint or crayons are not the only way to create them. You can also use Minecraft! Drawing mandalas using Minecraft is not just fun: after all, in order to build a mandala with colored stone blocks, you have to feel the laws of symmetry and harmony.

Try the “Mandala Game” for kids in our app “A Parcel of courage”.  This game is based on the method of Japanese Professor Makoto Shichida. It caters to the individual needs of kids to nourish their inner genius with fun.

Maria Stavinski

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