A math story to build fine motor skills and to work on patterning

A fun activity to build fine motor skills and work on patterning! We love doing seasonal activities with our kids, and we always enjoy having some snow themed fun with snow at home if the weather is not so nice outside! Studying mathematics in the form of funny stories is one of our favorite games. Young fans of Peppa Pig, her little brother George, Olaf and Elsa will like this one!

This Math Story has 5 funny patterns activities. Heroes from the popular cartoons “Peppa Pig” and “Frozen” make learning fun and enjoyable. I love that kids are working on patterning and fine motor development at the same time!

A Math Story
about How the Snow Has Melted Because the Queen Elsa Was Upset,
and How Peppa and George Put the Necklace Together
to Make Winter Return

One sunny winter morning Peppa Pig and her little brother George decided to take a snow ride on the car tires. “Hooray!” - said George.

When Peppa and George took to the streets, they were surprised to find that the snow had melted. “Where is all the snow?” - George asked. “Let me think, - Peppa said. Perhaps Elsa has forgotten to make it snow”. They decided to run to the northern mountain where Queen Elsa lived. They were not sure she lived there, but they supposed so.

Some time later they came to the ice-covered valley. Would you help Peppa and George arrange the stones in the correct order so they can pass on the slippery ice? One blue, one white, one blue, one white.

Then Peppa and George saw the igloo, in which Yetty lived (Yetty lost in the photos). Would you help Peppa and George paint his house, please? Yetty will be very happy, and show the way to the house of Elsa.

Happy Yetty, who now lives in the colored igloo, pointed the right way. And finally, the piglets found themselves in front of the mountain where Elsa lived. But how to climb up? Oh yes. They have to call Elsa and Olaf. Let’s do it so: “Elsa, Elsa, Olaf. Elsa, Elsa, Olaf”. Yippee! It worked!

It's very funny to do musical patterns with kids. You can play the simple melody just with 2 notes on your xylophone, or even on the floor or with metal jars.

Olaf had heard! “Good morning, Olaf. How are you?” - said the kids. “Hi, Peppa and George. How glad I am to meet you! Could I have your autograph?” – asked Olaf. “We are happy to do that, but how to get up the mountain?” – asked Peppa. “Build a ladder from Lego blocks”, Olaf exclaimed. Would you help Peppa and George build a ladder, please?

Finally, they arrived. “Good morning. Your are even more beautiful than on TV, Elsa”, Peppa said. “Hi, Olaf. And you're just as funny as I've seen in the cartoon!” George is happy. “Where's the snow and frost?” – asked Peppa and George. “Sorry, I smashed my favorite necklace. Without it, I’m broken-hearted, I do not want to do anything. It was a gift from Santa Claus.”
Would you help Elsa gather up her necklace?

Necklace collected! Elsa was happy. Peppa and George returned home. Winter came again in town. It's great to ride down the hills. And even to eat the snow with a spoon. Delicious.

The end.

To set up the activity, you will first need some tokens. Improvise. It may be lids of jam cans, it can be Lego bricks, beads, marbles of different colors, cut paper, nuts, etc. You will want a small basket or bowl to place them in. You can separate your tokens by colors. Lastly, you will need the pattern cards. We just painted them by hand.

You can try one more pattern activity in our app “A Parcel of Courage”. A Montessori sequencing activity that gets children to attach stamps to posts with funny animals into a particular patterns. Kids can mark the stamps like real postmen and send mail to friends and family.

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