Ginkgo: A Day in the Time of Dinosaurs

In this new article devoted to "Ginkgo. A Day with Dinosaurs", Moona’s newest app, we are going to explain our thought process as we were looking for ideas for the main character of the series. Ginkgo is a fantastic character who flies through the prehistoric forest and meets dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period.

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Ginkgo Concept Sketches

Ginkgo is the character of our own family stories that we used to tell our children to make long trips around the island of Bali seem shorter. Together with our kids we thought up stories about baby Ginkgo. In these stories our creature comes from the magical Murapops family, can fly, and emits multi-colored lights depending on how he feels. He sleeps in a soft ball which looks like a dandelion, and drinks strawberry milk produced by strawberry cows. He also likes to fool around and save the world.

Later, we decided that we needed to draw our Ginkgo and share some his adventures with other kids. So the idea of the apps "Ginkgo. One day with ..." was born.

Mariya Stavinskaya

Тэги: Ginkgo Dino
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