Ginkgo: A Day in the Time of Dinosaurs. New Moona App For Dinosaur Lovers Of All Ages

Our team is preparing to release a series of cognitive games for children aged 1 to 5 yo. The working title of these apps is "Ginkgo". We are pleased to present you the first app in the series - "Ginkgo. A Day with Dinosaurs ". Ginkgo, the main hero of the apps, is a funny small creature. A fascinating journey through prehistoric forests awaits him!

Little Ginkgo is a cute fantastic character who flies through the ancient forest and meets dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period. Perfect for little dinolovers all around the world, “A day with dinosaurs” encourages exploration, along with a good dose of humor, fantasy and silly things.

The “Ginkgo” series of apps is for fun and for learning too. We relied on scientific research from paleontologists and paleoartists to develop our animations. Could Velociraptors climb trees like lynx? How small was a Nemikolopterus? What did Troodons prefer to eat? You'll find answers to these questions by playing our game.

You will like the mini-encyclopedia about dinosaurs that can be found on the page "For Parents" in our app. These short articles were written by a paleontologist, specifically with adults reading to kids in mind. If your kid is still too young, we hope that our mini-encyclopedia will be the basis of future conversations thanks to the knowledge you’ve gained.

We really hope kids will love the world of dinosaurs and of our Ginkgo as much as we do. We welcome comments and criticism, and we hope to make our app even better with your help.

Тэги: Ginkgo Dino
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