5 steps to teach your kid how to develop his scissor skills and to have fun together

We hope your kid enjoys playing with our new Moona Puzzles ‘Fruits’. We have prepared 5 new fun “Moona Puzzles” cutting activities and Free Printable Fruit-Themed Scissor Practice. We think these activities and worksheets will help your toddlers and preschoolers develop their scissor and fine-motor skills. You can play with these printables as a story. This is our version.

STEP 1. Cut the dough and make Ben, the little worm

Preparation: Make the home-made play dough at first (we use this recipe). Playdough activities are a great way to help your child develop fine motor skills as well as bilateral coordination skills!

Storyline. There is a large garden where many fruits are grown. There are apples, pears, watermelons, lemons, plums, cherries... you name it. And of course, funny little worms live in this garden. Would you help me, please, to make one of them come to life with playdough?

Kids will love to start their scissors practice by cutting play dough. Use both hands to roll out a long piece of playdough as shown. It will look like a sausage or spaghetti. From Time to time, point out to him what the dough looks like: for example, he has a long spaghetti, and you, a short one. Yours is blue and his spaghetti is, for instance, multicolour:=). So the kid will learn not only the names of fruits, but sizes and colors too.

Show your kid how to cut the dough spaghetti with scissors. Let him do it himself. You can select for this activity special plastic scissors, or use regular kids’ safety scissors.

Make the little worm with small pieces of cut-up Play daugh . Don’t forget to name him. We named our worm Ben.

STEP 2. Cut paper strips. Decorate a fruit and feed it to Ben

Preparation: Print the Free Printable Fruit Pack. Cut the coloured paper into thin strips no more than a centimeter wide. Prepare a PVA glue or stick glue, brushes (if you choose a PVA glue) and wipes.

Storyline. Ben is very hungry. What fruit does he want to eat today? An orange, a plum or an apple? Choose one of the fruits from Moona Free Printable Fruit Pack. Our fruit is not bright and juicy. Let’s decorate it with pieces of paper.

Show your kid how to cut strips of paper into small pieces. Do not forget to stick the paper pieces on the fruit. After the fruit is ready, the kid can feed his little worm.

We prefer a PVA glue because some kids in our family like to use their small fingers for the sticking…

аnd other kids prefer to use brushes:=)

We want the child to learn to open and close the scissors. On a thin strip of paper it is easy to do it, so the baby immediately see the result of his efforts. Once - a small piece of paper is cut, two - and another, three - and another piece... It’s inspiring the child and he is proud of himself. All the more so given that it strengthens the muscles of the hand, which is very usefull for cutting paper and developing writing skills.

STEP 3. Cut in straight lines to cut a square.

Preparation: Print the Free Moona Printable Fruit-Themed Scissor Practice.

Storyline. That worm was a thrifty one. He decided to make a supply of fruit for the future. Let's help him.

Now it's time to cut cards with fruits on them. Our children particularly liked it. First, we colored the fruit. You could use as an example the fruits on our Moona Puzzles, or let your child color the fruits on his (her) own.

Squares are the easiest shapes to start with. We practiced cutting a square along the lines, using dots as hints for where to begin each line: the first line has one dot, the second one has two...

A short black line provides a visual cue to stop at the end of each line. If it is more convenient for the child to do it in a different order, let him do so.

Cutting shapes requires the paper to be rotated and turned accurately.

After square shapes, you can practice cutting other shapes with straight lines like triangles.

We have prepared an envelope for all our cards. Now the thrifty worm has a mountain of fruit in reserve. Cutting cards is a great basis for games which develop attention, memory and logic.

STEP 4. Learn how to cut along zigzag and curved lines.

On another occasion, when the toddler has gotten comfortable with straight lines, it is time to move on to rounded lines and zigzag lines. Ask your kid to cut along the tracks on the zig-zag or curved lines. In the end, the caterpillar gets to the reward - juicy fruits and berries. This means that the worm will not go hungry any more. You’ll find 3 sheets for cutting practice with fun rewards at the end of each row in this fun Free Moona Printable Fruit-Themed Scissor Practice.

Our 3 yo toddler loves this activity.

Our 5yo boy absolutely loved cutting zigzag lines, I couldn't stop him for an hour.

STEP 5. Cut complicated shapes

After you have successfully completed the first four steps, try to cut the complicated shapes on our Moona Free Fruit Coloring pages. Offer your child to paint the fruits before cutting them.

Please do not forget to clean up together with your child your work area after games. The child may throw the scraps of paper, wash brushes and put the results of his (or her) work into a special folder.

Click to download PDF:  Moona Free Fruit Coloring pages

Free Printable Fruit-Themed Scissor Practice

P.S. You may be wondering when your child can start to use scissors. The answer to this question will vary a little from child to child, but some kids can start experimenting with scissors at age 2 or earlier, while sometimes it happens after the age of 4 (it’s what happened with our eldest son). Before you start working with scissors be sure to find the right ones for you kiddy. The best way is to buy scissors made especially for young children with a comfy ergonomic design that puts safety first.

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