Hooray! A Massive Update for Moona Puzzles "Fruits" is Coming Soon!

It will be even more interesting to play and learn with our Moona puzzles. Moona Puzzles Fruits become a real educational play center with 32 levels. Kids will like this new education format in the form of short game tasks. Our app will include 5 types of games which improve photographic memory, attention, creative thinking and logic. And, of course, your child will learn new words and concepts in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, moving on the fruit level map and winning award-surprises.

In Moona Puzzles Fruits you’ll find the following types of games:

Moona Puzzles

Traditional and already loved by children, they are “match and learn” puzzles with fruits and berries in the form of 3-stripe animated puzzles. Completing puzzles by scrolling bars, your child will develop not only logical thinking, but also hearing perception.

Write the name of fruits

This type of game appears after your kid has collected a fruit card. He or she then has to form words with the letters. Completing the word will allow the chilf toplay with a cheerful little worm which is very hungry: feed it to see what happens!

Bio puzzles

This set of tasks with built-in animated games will introduce the child to the basic concepts and principles of botanic. How does the seed grow? What does it take for the sprout to ascend? What is the structure of the tree? How are plants pollinated? What does a dragon tree or a cactus look like? In simple terms, we will help your child to find the answers to these questions.

Where is the fruit?

This type of game is aimed at the development of photographic memory and attention. One fruit card is visible for a short moment and then turned face down again. The kid has to find the right card. This game develops not only immediate memory but also attention (in previous levels the child was introduced with the name and image of a fruit, but in this game, with the cards, he or she reinforces the previously acquired knowledges).

Fruit Train

The aim of this funny puzzle game is to find matches. A cheerful worm drives a train full of glass jars. “clank-clank” - clink the jars. “choo choo”, whistles the train. The kid should pick the fruits and add them in the right jars - the ones with an image of the corresponding fruit halves on the label. This game develops logical thinking, matching abilities, as well as memory - the kid has to remember what the fruits look like!

Our app is created on the basis of the educational methods of professors Shichida and Montessori, in collaboration with teachers and psychologists. Moona Puzzles "Fruits" takes into account the important features of the development of memory at an early age, when memory is involuntary: the kid remembers only things that were very interesting and emotionally charged. Because of the peculiarities of the development of the kid’s nervous system, it is also still hard for him to hold attention. That is why our game levels are bright, catchy and short enough: they will not tire a two-year-old toddle, but will still be useful and interesting to a five-year child.

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