Discover the secret of Ginkgo's name

If you've followed our blog regularly, you know we have a new project in the works. It is called "Ginkgo : One day with Dinosaurs", Ginkgo being the name of the small, cute creature that will guide children as they visit together the prehistoric forest and meet numerous dinosaurs and ancient reptiles. You may have wondered where his strange name comes from. Well, it was not chosen by chance, there is a meaning behind it!

So today, we would like to share with you the secret of Ginkgo's name. We already told you how Ginkgo was created from a family story. Well, when it was time to give him life to make him into an app, it was first as a beautiful sketch. When we first discovered it, we noticed a funny fact: his head looked a bit like a tree leaf!

And not any leaf, but that of a Ginkgo Biloba. This is a quite well-known tree, especially among those who like to use natural food supplements (this plant improves blood flow to the brain and acts as an antioxidant). But there are more interesting facts about it. For instance, it is the oldest tree species on the planet! Some even call it a "living fossil", as it is the sole survivor of an ancient group of trees that date back from before the time of the dinosaurs.

The botanist Peter Crane (dean of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the author of the book “Ginkgo”) told in an interview with Yale Environment 360: “…There are only five living groups of seed plants, and ginkgo is one of them. And ginkgo is the only one that consists of just one species… The other thing is that it has such a distinctive leaf — once you see it, you don’t forget it. It’s thoroughly memorable… The ginkgo is solitary and unique, not very obviously related to any living plant… In the past there were a variety of ginkgo-like plants, but this is the only one surviving… If you look at fossils from more than 200 million years ago, you can see leaves that are very very similar to modern ginkgo leaves”.

After we've read these words, we thought that Ginkgo was a very fitting name for our little character who flies through prehistoric forests and travels through time like the giant tree. We wish our Ginkgo is unique and memorable=). Someday, in one of our future apps, he will even be flying into a future world. But shhhh, it's a secret!

Clémentine Carle, Moona editor and Journal Author

Тэги: Ginkgo Dino
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