18 Fun Sensory Fruit Themed Activities for Kids

One of the things we have at heart when making apps is to make them as accessible to all types of children as possible. To make this possible, we keep in mind any disabilities our young users can have, and we try to think of ways to accommodate them. And as an autistic person, this commitment is particularly important to me. And we're trying to convey it here on the blog too, by making a few disability-themed articles from time to time. That's why I've been asked to write an article on fun activities which would be suitable for autistic kids.
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One important part of being autistic is sensory differences: there might be some things you feel way wore intensely than most people, some senses which are under-sensitive, and some particular sensory stimulations that you crave and need enough of in order to feel good.

This is why today, I'm writing about sensory activities! They are a great way for kids to use their senses, to find out what they like and don't like, and to get the stimulation they need. And while they are particularly fitting for autistic kids, any child will love them! After all, all children have developing senses that need regular stimulation. And since it's the the beginning of autumn, and to celebrate Moona Puzzles “Fruits” 's new update, these ideas of sensory activities will all be fruit-themed ! You'll need lots of different fruits – whatever is easy for you to find where you live, maybe some your kid is not familiar with – and some things that should be lying around the house already.


  • Take fruits (berries, grapes, apricots, plums...) of different colors and make a rainbow! Get your child to sort the fruits by color. It also makes for a very nice presentation of a fruit platter to eat for dinner :)
  • Paint with fruit purees. Pop fruits like cherries, blueberries, kiwis, bananas... in the blender, and use them as paint ! It's great for little ones too because even if they get some in their mouth it's just fruit.
  • Print out some Moona Puzzles Fruits coloring pages and color them in. You can try different color schemes, try to replicate the real colors of the fruit or color blue bananas !
  • Do you know Arcimboldo ? He was an Italian painter who painted very intricate portraits using fruits and vegetables. Show your kid some of his works and try to make your own: make a face with fruit!
  • Put a few small fruits in a glass or a bottle of sparkling water. Watch as they go up and down on their own!


  • That's where dry fruits come in! Get several containers in different materials – a glass jar, a plastic bottle, a metal box... Put some dry fruit in them and shake them. See how different they sound, or make some music! You can also try with different types of nuts (wallnuts, hazelnuts, almonds), fruit pits... And listen how the sounds change.
  • Scoop out the flesh from half a watermelon (you can make a smoothie with it for instance) and put it into a bowl of water. You have yourself a drum! You can even use carrots as beaters for extra fun.
  • You can also fill your watermelon half with peanuts or other nuts, and use the carrot to stir them. It makes a wonderful sound.


  • Have your kid close their eyes and play a game of “what's that smell?” with raw or cooking fruits.


  •  With their eyes closed, hand your child different fruits and have them guess what they are just by touching them.
  • Frozen berries are great to dig your hands in, and so are nuts! Fill bowls with different fruits and notice how they feel on your hands. For more encouragment or fun, hide a small toy in the bowl and tell your kid to find it.


  •  Mash up a banana, using a fork, a big spoon or little hands. You can make banana bread with it afterwards, or an easy banana ice-cream by putting it in the freezer.
  • You can also sculpt different things in a banana. Try to make funny animals!
  • Make a fruit cake and let your child mix the batter with their hands.
  • Make fruit jelly and once it's cooled, play with it! Poke it, spread it, wobble it...


  • Have a blind tasting game: let your child guess what fruit it is just by tasting it.
  • Put a small fruit in each hole of an icecube tray, fill with water. Melt the icecube in your mouth and you'll get a fruity treat!
  • Try to mix different fruits together in your mouth. What goes well together ? What is not good at all?

Once you're done playing with the fruit.... eat everything!

Clémentine Carle
Moona Journal Author


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